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Fishing Report for Upper Red and Cass Lake


Upper Red Report…2-3-2015……The walleye bite on Upper Red has still been pretty good for most of my people in the past couple of weeks. The best action for the walleyes has been later in the day 3-7pm. Also a few coming on the rattle reels at night lately. Best colors have been blue/glow and red or pink hooks with a split shot. Most fish have been in the 14-17 inch range, with a few slot fish mixed in as well.

The perch have been hitting fairly well too. They seem to come alive around 9am and bite off and on throughout the day. Some nice 10-13 inch range have been showing up in the buckets.

A random crappie or two has been cought as well. 15 ˝ inches is the biggest so far.

The pike have been pulling rods down the holes & breaking lines fairly often lately also. 36 inches is the biggest anyone has got through the hole lately, but reports of bigger ones lost under the ice has been pretty consistent.  Good Luck to all!!.....Take care…..Chad


Upper Red…12-31-14….Sorry for the lack of fishing updates! It has been a very busy couple of weeks around Christmas & New Years. The walleye fishing has still been good for most of the people that have been fishing with me. There have been plenty of under 17 inch fish being caught and also some in the 17-23 inch range have been showing up as well. The perch have been keeping people busy during the day also. Most of the perch being caught are in the 8-11 inch range.


The bite dropped off some with the current cold front that pushed in during the past couple of days, but people are still managing to pull in a few fish. With no snow on the lake still, the holes have been freezing up pretty fast in the houses. We could really use a little snow for some insulation out on the lake! Thank you to everyone that has been fishing with me & Happy New Year!!....Chad


Upper Red Report…12-3-14….The fishing and ice conditions are still excellent on Upper Red. It was as busy as I have ever seen it this past weekend! I’m pretty sure most everyone caught their 4 fish limit before it changed on December 1st. For the month of December it will be a 3 fish limit and all fish from 17-26 inches must be released.

Most people are still catching plenty of fish on the shoreline break from 9-12ft on the south end. Some days/times the walleyes are very active and are liking the jigging, and others a person needs to slow down a little.

The ice is anywhere from14-18 inches in our area of the lake. No pressure ridges or cracks lately to contend with either. The lake is still pretty much snow free as well. If we stay on this trend with no snow we will be pulling the extensions out early this year! Take care…..Chad



Upper Red Report…11-24-14….Things are quite a bit ahead of schedule this year still as far as ice goes on Upper Red Lake. It was a busy weekend on the lake, with plenty of ATV traffic running around looking for the best walleye bite. Most everyone I talked to caught plenty and threw a bunch back.

There is anywhere from 9-12 inches of ice out in front of our landing. It won’t be long and we will be driving out, looking at the upcoming forecast. Walleyes are being caught anywhere from 7-11ft of water around the lake. Gold, Red Glow & Perch pattern jigs & spoons have been catching plenty of fish.

I did pull a few houses out with the ATV this past weekend, so if anyone is looking for an early season house on the lake I might be able to help……Take care….Chad



Upper Red Ice Report…11-17-14….Things are looking good as far as early ice fishing goes on Upper Red!  The lake is totally locked up & walking traffic has started in the past few days. I’m guessing ATV traffic will start up as well probably by this weekend? Hopefully we don’t get any major snow storms in the next couple of weeks and we should be good to go for a great ice year on Upper Red!

Reports are just starting to trickle in from some of the early ice guys that are walking out. It is pretty much the typical early ice pattern on Red, 6-8 ft of water on the first break. I’ll have to quit deer hunting and get out there to see what’s going on in my neck of the woods!



Good Luck to all who venture out on the early ice!! Be careful!! Take care…..Chad





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